Monday, December 2

Nutrition: No time + no food prep = cookies for breakfast. That's just good math. Stomach back to normal, but I was surprisingly un-hungry most of the day.

Acne: I don't think I've mentioned it lately, but my skin has been fucking terrible ever since my last doctor visit. I didn't take the soy protein powder more than three times/days, but the vitamin D pills are soy-based, plus a couple of meals out. New cysts daily = depressing.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 88% quality. Up at 315a to let Lexi out (and Oscar bolted out, the fool); took a while to fall back, woken by alarm. Felt decent.

Healthy Movement: Shins feel pretty junky, and hams/hips a little decrepit as well. WTF? Did some dead-stop dips during class, 5x4. Easy peasy. Low left back a bit achey. Managed a lunch run but cut it short due to snowy, slippery footing & ice-pelted eyeballs. I need running goggles.

Fun & Play: Great class, especially when I found out neither will attend on Wednesday so I'll get a bonus sleep-in day! Productive work day, even if most of it was stuff I had not planned to be doing. Pretty snow, if a giant pain in the ass. Enjoyed watching Hanky fly around in the snow.

Grateful: For a husband who blows snow without complaint.

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