Monday, December 16

Nutrition: Not hungry today; couldn't finish lunch, ate supper late because I just wasn't interested, and then was bummed to realize I needed to find more calories. This is weird.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 845p-6a, 90% quality. Felt worse. Took ages to fall asleep (cats), up at 230a to let out Lexi, hit bathroom, water, macaroon for myself, then settled back in bed...and then Hank needed out. Jerk. Woke at 4a, 5a, finally conceded that I had to get up at 6a. Felt like I could have logged about 3 more hours. Got up and moved slowly.

Healthy Movement: Shins still sore, still right worse than left, but able to take stairs without wincing. Back to not-running on consecutive days. Even though at least half of those "26.2 miles in 7 days" were actually walking, apparently that's not enough recovery for this stupid body. I wonder how much of that is aggravated by me standing all day every day. Yet sitting will give me back problems. Hello, Rock, meet Hard Place.

Logged a utility run to/from Raaper's for gift-card buying. Shins hurt and I hate the slippery snowy roads and I want my GD trails back, but the running itself felt good. Right hip gave some aching in the afternoon, 2-3 hours later. More sitting than usual today, 1.5 hours in AM, 3 hours in PM. By supper, right shin/calf was back to making me flinch. What the EFF.

Fun & Play: Productive meetings.

Grateful: For a source of non-addictive calorie-dense fat: Sunbutter with no sugar added. Yummy in one spoonful, but not sweet enough to make me want more than that. Moderation, what?

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