Friday, December 6

Nutrition: I had a macaroon at 2a but otherwise: food is fuel. And I need more of it. Yesterday was roughly 1700 calories, a bit too low. Clocked in today at about 2000, and didn't even feel deprived at a party - never even scanned the table, as I jerky'd it up beforehand and went in planning to not-eat.

Sleep: 10 hours in bed, 845p-645a, 81% quality. FUCK YEAH. I did wake at 2a, up for bathroom, water, macaroon, and took a while to fall back. Slept all the way to alarm waking me, holy crap.

Healthy Movement: Upper body is tight/sore (hi, dips!) but rest is good, even the low back is perfectly happy - deadlifts fix me! Spent two hours assembling in the warehouse, did have some tightness in lower left back return, but I still logged an upper body workout and it didn't worsen.

Fun & Play: Productive morning. Mentoring session. Something different, working in the warehouse. Workout made me feel successful. Xmas party for work leadership was fun, though I showed up late. I figured it was one of those things that didn't start until a half hour in, and I was just plain later than I expected to be thanks to warming up the car. Last one there, oops! It was really fun: we played an Xmas-themed game of Catch Phrase and I kick ASS at that kind of game. But we came in second place. Still great times! At home, pure laziness with the critters.

Grateful: For those who believe in me.

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