Friday, December 27

Nutrition: Easy peasy. Looked back at my calories since going back to Whole30 and eliminating sugar: 1967 on average, with the effort of making sure I'm not low at day's end, but otherwise not really thinking about quantity. And guess what: I'm dropping fat. Even at 1967 freaking calories! Nothing drastic, but: happy.

Sleep: 10.25 hours in bed, 830p-645a, 83% quality. Took at least a half hour to fall asleep, hubs got home at 9p, but I never heard him come to bed. However, at 1245a I was up with both dogs, for at least 15 minutes. Lexi disappeared for quite a while, came back in with a bone. More specifically: a hoof. Gah-ROSS. Took ages to fall back, but solid once I did. Apparently Hop got up with the pooches at 445a, but happily, I didn't hear a thing. Alarm woke me.

Healthy Movement: Feeling right shin a little bit; it seems to be coming through when I lift my toes. Hm. Upper body a bit tight (hi, dips!) but all else feels pretty great. Logged me a training session of OH press & muscle-up stuffs. LOVE guydudebro day!

Fun & Play: Arranged Christmas outings with my two older goddaughters (the baby got clothes...cute, but a little boring!) so I have a BUNCH of delightful social plans in the next week! Afternoon at NSS that was actually quite busy and bonus fun. Laziness at home in prep for tomorrow's run. 

Grateful: That I can sleep in as late as I need to, and roll into work after 8am. This is a problem for me leaving when I want to, but otherwise no one else is really impacted. At least for now.

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