Friday, December 20

Nutrition: Figured out an easy way to hit enough calories: overeat walnuts! Oops. I also bought some protein (whey) powder tonight, will start to add that regularly.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 9p-6a, 95% quality. FINALLY. Hop got up with dogs at 330a, and I woke then but was able to fall back after a bit. Most solid sleep of the week, got up feeling pretty darn human for once. Post-workout I marveled at how good I felt. Normal energy is amazing!

Healthy Movement: Very sore glutes. Thanks a lot, walking lunges. Back is feeling better today (don't think I mentioned its occasional anger yesterday afternoon). Wearing 1" heeled boots but sitting more than usual for meetings/NSS work. Logged a great OH press deload workout; incorporated BB cleans for the first time in (years?) and gave myself some hickeys:


Fun & Play: Saw two deer on our first tree line at 6a, clearly lit by the bright moon and white snow. (Unfortunately, I think they are the reason my critters have been so insane this week. And winter only begins tomorrow...yikes.) Got text messages of thanks from my most-spoiled NSS peeps. Morning visit & perfect gift from my Buddy. Gift delivery to my lead. Gift receipt from my lead (which made me think I was probably overly generous to my peeps, as I spent more than twice what she did). Ordered some fun stuff for myself from Amazon. Sent the perfect gifty to a homesick friend, but unfortunately it will probably be two weeks before she gets it. Got to play with my "goddogter" Mitzi at NSS for a bit. Received an amazing gift from NSS, one that makes me feel overwhelmed & unworthy. So spoiled, so lucky, so grateful. Unfortunately I also have to exchange it (which Dustin expected, he just wanted me to have something to open), and that makes me feel like a bit of an asshole. Trying to put that aside (Dustin expected it!).

Grateful: For my peeps. They are so absolutely completely & entirely amazing. I don't know what I've done to deserve them.

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