Friday, December 13

Nutrition: Mm, more ham for breakfast, plus a yam, feeling like a brand new world! Had to add calories in the eve again. (Again, it's not as delightful as it sounds.)

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 9p-6a, 92% quality. Went through a spell of tossing & turning, thinking it was my usual 3a or so, but I coughed myself awake (and up for water) at one point, and was shocked to see it was only 1130p. Very weirdly, I felt like I could be up for the day. Woke again at 4a (didn't get up) and again at 6a. Felt I could have fallen back for more, but I heard Hank whine to go out, so up I was. Moved slowly.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling semi-decent. Legs still sore but improved from yesterday. Ran on treadmill, did OH press (quickie version), then ran again to hit 26.2 miles for past 7 days. I like it!

Fun & Play: Friday mode. Great easy workout. NSS afternoon that included a visit from adorable little Mitzi and hanging with some of my favorite peeps. Gift-buying progress made. Supper with Holea that helped bring her up out of a funk.

Stress Management: Mapping out my marathon plan...I have much less time than I thought I had. YIKES.

Grateful: For the Doolittle's Cobb salad. So good that I don't feel at all deprived.

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