Wednesday, November 6

Nutrition: I am the Macaroon Queen today: carob (amazing), ginger (too subtle), & almond (too sweet), plus a few normal macaroons. Happy girl.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 83% quality. Wide awake & up for bathroom, water, macaroon at 3am. Argh. Calculated yesterday's intake to be 1800 at most. Definitely need more than that, more like 2000 as a minimum. So, today's solution was obviously macaroons!

Healthy Movement: Body feels great - significantly better than last week post-squats! No quad soreness at all, little tiny bit in glutes/hams. With 5 more reps, AND also heavier than last week. WTF? On the bright side, I also feel a little bit of core soreness. I like that. Did a 1.51m warm-up cruise before sprints with Holea - and everything felt great.

Fun & Play: Visit with doctor - a huge relief, feels like a giant load has dropped off my shoulders. Bonus time with Hanky, though he thought it was going to be the dog park (just the vet). Running with Ms Holea, always super fun times.

Stress Management: I met with a naturopathic doctor today; I couldn't take my face any longer, nor do I want the stress of playing detective, especially not as we roll into winter. I am simply handing myself over to her for the analysis & the decisions, and I'll just do what I'm told. Getting blood work done: she wants to look at blood sugar, vitamin D, cholesterol, and food allergies. She did baseline measurements of height, weight, & a bio-impedance test, but all I saw was my weight, since I was curious (& appropriately detached) - it was exactly where I expected it to be (148.6; I had guessed 145-150).

Right off the bat she prescribed high-dose fish oil, a probiotic, and a high-quality multi to see if they have any impact over the next two weeks, while we wait for bloodwork results. I'm loving her; she didn't say one single thing that raised a red flag, which gives me such great relief. I know her through LAPW and all I can think now is that I should have made this appointment just as soon as I met her! This is probably what I should have done last fall when I went to Steve & NCP - I'm just too much of a stupidly special snowflake to lay it all on poor Steve.

Side note to my mom: if this works like I hope it will, I'm going to be demanding that you go to her, too!

Grateful: That all of this doctoring is covered through my HSA, so I don't have to be anxious about the cost; yet another reason to be thankful I'm such an obsessive saver.

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