Wednesday, November 27

Nutrition: Ate breakfast before 530a training, then nothing ('cept coffee) afterward, wasn't even hungry or craving. Interesting. Had too much coffee, otherwise a fine day - didn't even have desire for freshly-baked GF brownies, nor did I feel deprived not eating freshly-baked beer bread. What is going on?

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 845p-415a, 79% quality. Slept like a rock until 315a, then dozing. Brain was busy calculating not falling asleep for a full cycle, no available nap time, how early will I need to go to bed tonight so I'm not a bitch tomorrow, etc. Blargh!

Healthy Movement: Still weird zing in right leg, but session was awesome. Massive dip day! Then spent a few excellent hours being lazy, and followed those with about 6 solid hours of cleaning. Ugh. Low back began to bug around 3 or 4, just fatigue, methinks.

Fun & Play: Sesssion. Coffee delivery & visit with my Buddy & her Woody dog, who I've never met before. Could have sat there chatting all day! Pretty darned well-behaved pets during a day of home-upheaval. The smell of fresh beer bread.

Grateful: For Mom's help. House hasn't been this clean since we moved in! Still, I get zero satisfaction from cleaning, can think of a hundred million things I'd rather do. Like pay someone else to clean.

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