Wednesday, November 13

Nutrition: I was surprised that my normal breakfast was perfectly filling, given poor sleep and poor mental attitude and also the available time to overeat...all of which normally means I overeat. Instead, I just had extra coffee and read longer. Rest of the day was fine.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 915p-415a, 74% quality. Took ages to fall asleep, thinking about work stress, but was solid until 330a when Lexi woke up and bounced around until I let her outside. And I could not fall back; brain racing and body wired. Gave up and got up to have a leisurely morning, better than stewing about not sleeping.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good; tiny bit of stiffness in hams. Did warm-up and demonstrated moves in class, felt really good and I REALLY wanted to join in but stayed smart. I was feeling good enough to run at noon, and I desparately wanted to get out in the sunshine, but I decided against it. Based on my tolerance level for people and noise (approximately .5, on a scale of 1 - 100), I instead went outside and laid in the sunshine for 15 minutes, while listening to a good silly podcast. World of difference in my brain! I was going to sprint with Holea in the eve, but my poor tough pal angered her back again, while deadlifting. Total crapsticks. I again took that as an excuse to slack so I had me a full rest day in the middle of the week. What?!

Fun & Play: Class was fun, a different format to shake things up, went well. Found a mention of "Mrs Hoppe" in Lake Wobegon Days this morning...hey, that's me!! Good day at work, a few meetings but pretty productive. Able to use my lead powers to get some people doing shit differently, smartly, which felt good. Stopped & visited Holea to keep her feeling positive about her back, and as a bonus, I got to play a little fetch with Barkley. Fetch with both pooches on a warm night. Indoor training & excitement with both when Hop came home.

Temperance: This morning I made the decision to focus on the good comments and only the good comments.I didn't succeed all day, but I was able to stop thinking about it, at least.

Grateful: That the hubs came home at 7p. Not quite daylight, but for once he wasn't just a shadowy shoulder that showed up in my bed overnight!

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