Tuesday, November 5

Nutrition: Feeling normal. I even got my giant delivery of macaroons today and wasn't even interested. Whoa. 

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 845p-6a, 85% quality. Woke at midnight, took a while to fall back; dozed in & out 3a onward. Got up a little tired, but energy was good all day. 

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, had a great session - 12 pulls again! Just three to go, and two months to get there...I can do this. 

Fun & Play: Session. Productive work day. Quiet eve at home. 

Stress Management: I am really missing my husband. Hugging a sleepy Mr Hanky or snugly Ms Lexi helps a little, as do kitties cuddling up tight every chance they get, but none of them give hugs in return. Still, it helps to have them all around me. 

Grateful: For inter-office treats, like today's Coconut Macaroon Uberbar - thank you, Ms Joy!!

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