Tuesday, November 26

Nutrition: Breakfast was satisfying this morning...possibly because the Keurig is finally working right after another round of descaling last night. A full cup of coffee = muy importante.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 9p-6a, 97% quality. Yes. Sound sleep all night, but woke to Hank whining to get outside - probably could've made it a little bit longer.

Healthy Movement: A little less creaky than yesterday, but still feeling some odd twinges in the right lower leg. Had the gear for an evening run, but had no desire. Cold, dark, meh. Mid-week rest day, what what?

Fun & Play: Team outing to play Bingo - no winnings, but it sure beat working. Essentially a Friday for me, PTO tomorrow and a holiday on Thursday. Nice!

Grateful: For team outings.

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