Tuesday, November 19

Nutrition: Shortcuts galore: jerky, macaroons, pork rinds. At least I had two apples, and a salad at lunch, so that's something.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 89% quality. Solid, though woke at 330a & dozed there onward. Hanky whined me awake at 5a. Argh.

Healthy Movement: Did 10 scap pull-ups at home in the AM, trying to get some movement in the upper back without risking angry elbows. Otherwise, almost the entire day, 930a-8p, was spent sitting. Yuck!

Fun & Play: Although it will make more work in the end, a day out for training was a nice change of pace. AND, the training itself was pretty GD awesome. We learned a ton.

Grateful: For the team member who figured out the training; he thought outside the box and came up with a fantastic solution.

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