Thursday, November 7

Nutrition: Fasting bloodwork meant no breakfast, but worst of all: no coffee. Felt cold, tired, miserable, & completely sorry for myself - until I realized the other people cycling through oncology were mostly cancer patients, or people in wheelchairs, or people with a cast from ankle to hip. Whelp, I'm doing just fine, now, aren't I?

Today I completely spaced on my new supplements. See? More proof this girl needs coffee to function! Back on track with supper intake.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 93% quality. Solid, though in/out 4a onward. At some point my husband came home, for the first time since Monday morning. Yikes. 

Healthy Movement: Body feels good; some stiffness in legs and glutes, but it's mild. However, fasting left me very tired. Felt a lot better after the glucose, but still sleepy. Even reading was too much effort. Once I was within 25 minutes of the final draw [stabbed three times in past two days: #thuglife] I perked up and started feeling better, probably because I eas salivating at the thought of my waiting pork jerky and macaroons. Rest of the day, had good energy level. Session went much better than I had expected based on my effed-up morning.

Fun & Play: Good morale at work. Great session. Great evening at home with all my fantabulous pets.

Stress Management: As I scanned yesterday's post to update my wellness spreadsheet [#nerdalert], I realized that I completely forgot about my weight after typing it. Like, did not think about it at all, not once, not even when I was telling Holea about the visit last night, or telling Dustin in today's session. Fucking GOLD STAR, bitches!

If you don't know my history, you won't know how huge that is, but after a period where my mood depended on the scale, always, daily, and obsessively, I am so grateful to have shed that need. Earlier this week, I watched a coworker head downstairs to weigh herself and I wanted to STOP her and hug her and turn her around. I was ruminating on that this morning and realized that I now see that as a sad addiction. Finally, because that's what it is.

Grateful: That I may have finally figured out the truth of this picture:

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