Thursday, November 28

Nutrition: Sure am glad my brownies had terrible form. More for me! Otherwise I did okay. Overate, of course, but it was all meat and veg, not fake shit (besides brownies), so I am not beating myself up at all. Forgot lunch supps in all the madness.

Thrilled to eat the messy bits!

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 9p-5a, 90% quality. Fairly solid though woke hourly from 2a onward. Really tired 10a, snagged a catnap on couch 20 minutes.

Healthy Movement: Low back is TIGHT, rolling over in bed was feeling awful. Upper back a bit sore but mild given the many dips. Better as I moved, but by 8p, after a long busy day, could feel left low back telling me to shut the fuck down.

Fun & Play: Happy families, hot-tubbin' kids, excited dogs, terrified kitties, holiday chaos, wouldn't change a thing.

Grateful: For the house that allowed us to host. It was super fun!

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