Thursday, November 21

Nutrition: I was so lost at breakfast. And unsatisfied: egg whites w/ turkey pepperoni, topped with salsa. And a macaroon and a few nuts. Lame. I'm trying to morph back into "food is fuel" mode, which is sad-face-making. I was literally thinking, on my drive home, "Why don't we have food-in-a-pill invented yet?" I'm tired of eating and thinking about eating. Tired of it all.

I analyzed the sheet from Dr H that gives me quantities to eat from each food group, and I think I'm going to ignore it. If I literally only had those servings, I'd come in at 1200 calories. And turn into a tired, pathetic pile. So, then I'd have to count calories to make sure that doesn't happen. I'm not going to get obsessed about both what I'm eating and how much and whether I'm getting all the proper food groups. I just can't go back down that road. I can't. I'll eat what I always eat, minus the stuff on the tests, and go from there.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 9p-6a, 94% quality. Woke when Hop came home, but fell right back. Up at 3a for bathroom, water, macaroon, and it took a while to fall back. Alarm woke me, and I got up feeling a little on the tired side. Kind of dragging all day.

Healthy Movement: Body is stiff & sore, but not too bad, considering all that I did yesterday. Session went great; felt good, and left feeling happy. Still, I did NOT want to go back to work. Felt a little on the depleted side post-session, but then I didn't feel ideal going in, either. Better after eating.

Fun & Play: Birthday card & gift from Lisa. Delicious tea treat from Joy. Session. Husband at home.

Stress Management: Feeling buried at work. Overwhelmed. I consolidated my to-do list and it's two fucking pages long. Stayed until 6p to get some emails/requests sent off since I'm out tomorrow. Feel like I should be working tomorrow, but determined not to.

Grateful: For my silly bouncy puppy dog.

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