Sunday, November 3

Nutrition: Up & down. I had a couple cookies at breakfast, but I also craved a crunchy apple mid-morning, but I ate a whole pizza between lunch & supper. Meh.

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed, 945p-615a (old time), 81% quality. Slept like a fuckin' CHAMP. For some reason I got super sleepy about 1p, and took a nap, in/out 1.5 hours.

Healthy Movement: Body feels fantastic. No lingering anything, not even stiff. Whoa! Wanted to run and lift, but when the sleepiness took over, it sucked away all of my motivation. Which depressed me, but I couldn't find any gumption at all; even watching TV took effort.

Fun & Play: Hanky was inside most of the day, and quite well behaved, too! Got my chores done. Couple rounds of fetch outside.

Grateful: That my laziness didn't impact anyone else.

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