Sunday, November 24

Nutrition: Birthday waffles! Second breakfast at Northwoods w/ my besties! Third breakfast of leftover waffles! Mostly fine, though I was a little unable to dial back on the Sunbutter with my afternoon apple.

Food prep: Salads galore, breakfast sausage, onion/cauli mixture, slow-cooker chicken.

Sleep: 7 hours in bed, 1030p-530a, 78% quality. Probably could've slept in later, but Hanky was whining.

Healthy Movement: 3.5m birthday run went well. Didn't feel awesome, but certainly doable. Legs in decent shape for it. Felt a little bit tired & depleted the rest of the day, though that was probably due to sleep.

Fun & Play: A birthday text from my bro & cousin. A good run. A great breakfast. Silly doggies. Tons of reading time.

Grateful: For getting older. Beats the alternative!

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