Sunday, November 17

Nutrition: Meh. I ate way too many macaroons, and lunch was jerky. (Where are the veggies?!) However, I did make 7 salads and slow-cooked chicken & veg so I'm set for the week.

Sleep: 10 hours in bed, 845p-645a, 82% quality. Took a while to fall asleep, and felt like I was awake 5a onward, was shocked when I saw 645a. It's weird the % is so low, when my graph shows deep sleep from 10p-3a. Is it "better" to cycle? I disagree; I'd have rated it 95%.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling pretty good. Hams & glutes almost normal, but calves were tight on the walk/run. I went out to it in a shitty mood (hubs) so I walked in an effort to find some peace & quiet in Nature, but instead I just found cold, so I did run after all. Pushed hard when I did, which felt all right, but post-outing, I felt fully depleted.

Logged some pulls throughout the afternoon: 4x4. Lawd, they are so much tougher than NG! Zero swing also made 'em harder, but oof, those are a LONG way from 9 straight.

Fun & Play: Finished my chores early. Podcast-filled day. Dose of nature. Dog park outing including two new pooches and cute/terrorized Mitzi. Time to read with snuggly kitties. Thanksgiving meal planning.

Grateful: For this view:

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