Saturday, November 23

Nutrition: Mentally awful. Macaroons before the run. Semi decent afterward, but unsatisfying (hot dog & jerky & banana because I had to leave right for the parents'). Sadface there, had to supply my own veg to have more to eat than just turkey & grapes; then tired and cranky and cashew-addicted afterward. I literally had to throw the away those cashews: trigger food. Sadface as we discussed the Thanksgiving menu. At supper I felt bloated and nasty and didn't eat much. Added a cup of CalMag afterward.

No soy for a while. And no more cashews. My skin is perfectly awful.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, 74% quality. Up at midnight for bathroom, water, macaroon. Got up tired. Tried to nap 315-445p but didn't get much, got up tired. 

Healthy movement: Upper body quite sore and glutes & hams still a little stiff. 6.84m run was tough as hell. Cold wasn't so bad, but it was way too fast for me today. Last two miles felt awful but I was determined to find some mental strength. Legs sore rest of day. On my feet butchering for approx 4 hours. Logged some chins at home, 4x5, and they felt super hard. WTF?

Fun & Play: Run. Family time at the parents', butchering hogs. Time with the hubs. Sweet cuddly pups:

Grateful: For my family. 

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