Saturday, November 2

Nutrition: Ran on an English muffin w/ balsamic sauce & coconut butter. Plus coffee and a bit of water. Should've had more water, but I did fine. Post-run breakfast with Holea at Trav's: NOMS.

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 55% quality. Up at 1230p for bathroom, back to bed; up after 10 minutes for water & a cookie; took freaking ages to fall back. Woke naturally about 430a, which made it easier to get up to run. Could have used a nap, got pretty tired later on, but no dice. Bitches be socializing!

Healthy Movement: Body felt great getting up. Tiny bit of lingering deadlift soreness, but not enough to feel it on the 8.94-mile run. Right inner shin and left ball of foot gave occasional twinges late in the run, and both ankles started sending up fatigue signals right around the 8th mile; that only means I'm doing pretty much the exact distance I should be doing - nice! Post-run, I changed at NSS & logged another 5 NG pulls in order to say I tallied 100 of the hash marks on their white board (they're counting pulls this week). Rest of day mildly stiff, but quite good considering the run & all the sitting.

Fun & Play: Great run. Breakfast with Holea. Time with 'rents. Oilerie shopping. Cousin Diane's party for wee Sura. Birthday gift from 'rents: running pants & jerky from Cabela's.

Grateful: For my family.

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