Saturday, November 16

Nutrition: Long run day, thus fueled by cookies. I'm okay with that.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 915p-430a, 84% quality. Solid as hell until 4a, then dozing until I gave up. I really should've turned in earlier, though. Logged a 1.5-hour catnap 230-4p.

Healthy Movement: Glutes & hams are even more sore than yesterday. Dustin's gonna have to pull those walking lunges out or something, I don't want this kind of soreness on long run day! 7.9m run was awesome anyway, everything felt really good. I even followed it up with downhills, 7 solid trips down; and all I finished with was sore hams & glutes, and a touch of long-run achiness. Knees, IT bands = perfectly happy, thus so was I!

Fun & Play: ROUS group run, 10 folks, quite a turnout. Three people (Lisa, Holea, CJ) joining me on Victoria, then all of us, plus Joy, hitting Trav's for breakfast. Pet store shopping for Mr Hanky. Snuggly Clyde and all the pets getting along fairly well. Husband home in the eve.

Grateful: For ROUS. The running group is playing a key part in re-solidifying my love of running. It's amazing.

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