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A Letter to My Younger Self

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Some things will be harder for you than other people. Some things will come easier. Comparing yourself to others doesn’t honor your strengths or theirs. Write. Paint. Run. Box. Do things you love, even if you think you suck at them. It’s not all about being “good.” If you want to paint, paint. Make a bunch of terrible paintings and enjoy it the whole time. Enjoying it is reason enough.
. . .  
There is nothing wrong with your body. You will be fat. You will be thin. You will be strong. And eventually you will learn to value your body for yourself, view it as the walking manifestation of your spirit and not obsess over it’s details, your weight, if it’s “perfect.” Making a practice of treating it well will help lift you up into the person you are meant to be. Don’t underestimate the power of self care. Be patient. Be kind. You don’t deserve the way you belittle yourself about it now, you never have deserved that.
. . .
At times you will feel broken, used up and beyond repair. In some of those experiences you will find meaning and wisdom. Some will be unjust. Some will be at your own hand. You will survive. The depth of your pain will allow for depth of joy. Feel it all, but look for the joy. It’s there, too.

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