Friday, November 29

Nutrition: Brownies & coffee for breakfast, strictly because I wasn't the slightest bit hungry. Felt pretty junky most of the day, guts unhappy, tired, bleah. Ate a real, true meal at supper time, finally feeling a bit normal then.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 9p-6a, 80% quality. Took ages to fall asleep, was nearly there when cats got active. Woke once when Hop got up, otherwise was solid right to my alarm. Stupid alarm! Got pretty tired at mid-day, decided to shift my NSS work to Saturday, so that I could go home and nap 3-5p. Solid as a rock.

Healthy Movement: Body feels decent, just tired. Wore new running shoes, exact same as the pair I've been doing my longer runs in, but they made my heels & arches hurt. Hits them in wrong spot for walking or standing, though good when running & up on forefoot. Weird. Logged an OH press session, discovered my left hamstring is tight as hell, though right side is normal. What the? Half a standing work day, rest of the time on my butt. Or back.

Fun & Play: Upper body workout. Dose of Black Friday shopping (online only!). Sweet calm tired pets.

Grateful: For a short holiday season. That WON'T be followed by tax season. Not even sure I can fully comprehend that yet.

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