Friday, November 15

Nutrition: Semi-okay. Down to two cookies, from three yesterday, so that's something, right?

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 89% quality. Sound. Woke at 215a, fell right back, woke to Hanky whining to get outside. A big improvement from earlier this week, at least!

Healthy Movement: I am rather sore from yesterday, feeling as if I did heavy deadlifts...walking lunges? Must be. Also sore upper buddy from dips, happy to feel that. Took a 20-ish-minute walk with Holea & Mitzi to enjoy the sunshine. Did 5 tactical pull-ups to see how they felt: just okay.

Fun & Play: Busy work morning, good convo with one team member, small crew today made things more peaceful. Afternoon at NSS including a visit with The Adorable Mitz and providing a dose of great information to the bosses. Booked an overnight getaway to Brainerd with the Hoppe clan in December. Not too keen on the waterpark concept, but a quiet room of our own ought to make it tolerable.

Grateful: For some spare time at NSS to work on some neat-o reporting.

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