Friday, November 1

Nutrition: Bit of a lower-cal & lower-carb day, up until supper. This was planned, and based on long run tomorrow. Waffles for supper...sounds like a good life, doesn't it?

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed, 845p-615a, 89% quality. Completely solid. Beautiful!

Healthy Movement: Body still sore, but much improved. Happily feeling the deadlifts in my glutes & hams, but nowhere near post-squat aches, and better than last week. Planned rest day before tomorrow's run, though I did log some sweet dead-leg NG pulls over at NSS: 7x5, all sets at an hour apart.

Fun & Play: Friday! Random run-in & chat with my favoritest Buddy. Quick visit to see Holea's new place. Great, productive afternoon at NSS. Did I mention waffles for supper? Poochie fetch and indoor training and laziness at home.

Grateful: For pull-ups. Nothing makes me feel stronger.

Personal Growth:

From my daily calendar. Tied to the quote, "Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" -Winston Churchill
Here's my list:
  • IT band issues in 2009 that solidified my love for running and led me directly to Dustin & NSS and all the wonderful changes & successes & friendships & happiness that NSS has brought me
  • the broken thumb in 2010 that led to my "I choose to be unstoppable" motto
  • the injury & subsequent DNF at Fargo 2011 that forced me to scale back and led to winning shorter races
  • the injury & subsequent DNS at Boston 2012 that helped me to fully appreciate being able to even start Boston 2013
  • the injury & subsequent DNF at Wild Duluth 2012 that taught me to scale back my ambitions and accept that my body has more limits than my brain does
  • the difficulties while training for Boston 2013 that made me realize (a) my love for running is all about trails & nature and (b) I fucking love to lift

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