With Gratitude: 4 years of Dustin

Things I never said before 8/26/09:

·         I have a personal trainer.
·         I qualified for Boston in my first marathon.
·         I finally got a pistol squat!
·         My thumb is broken.
·         I choose to be unstoppable.
·         I wonder if a gallon of water per day is enough.
·         I did 100 push-ups in 4:10.
·         I did 100 push-ups with a broken thumb.
·         So then I just told the sales lady to bring me all the dresses they had in a size small.
·         I have to wear wristbands to prevent bruises.
·         I tore off my calluses from doing snatches. Again.
·         I love hills!
·         Hop told me I’m getting too skinny.
·         Everyone needs a Dustin.
·         I have never been so happy with my body!
·         I actually love shopping for clothes now.
·         Frostbite danger is 30 minutes in a -19F windchill, so my cutoff is -15F.
·         I ran in a -30F windchill with Mike.
·         I no longer need wristbands when snatching.
·         I won a 10k.
·         The Warrior Dash was so easy, not even worth the travel time.
·         I’m a group fitness instructor.
·         I ran a 50k just as fast as Dustin.
·         I am an ultramarathoner.
·         It’s only forward motion for 7 hours.
·         I won a 5k on my birthday!
·         Terri & I traded pull-up bars.
·         Dustin’s never getting rid of me.
·         I use a hook grip on deadlifts.
·         It’s impossible to find jeans to fit lifters’ legs.
·         Joy is my PowerBuddy.
·         I snuck my own bands & chalk into the Y.
·         Hop couldn’t keep up with my lifting session.
·         I competed in a powerlifting meet.
·         I also work at Noonan Sport Specialists.
·         My husband’s hands are softer than mine.
·         I have a squat rack in my basement.
·         Nothing feels as good as being strong.
·         I did farmer’s walks around my block.
·         The Train & Stay was probably the best damn vacation of my life.
·         I’m totally an ice bath convert.
·         I scored two kettlebells on sale.
·         Sweet, my ass is getting bigger!
·         I fucking LOVE the Superior Hiking Trail.
·         I fucking LOVE Adam Carolla.
·         I fucking LOVE Dustin.
·         I fucking LOVE my arms.
·         I spent my vacation hiking mountains.
·         I did the 10-mile dressed as Wonder Woman.
·         It’s pull-ups season, baby!
·         It’s hard to find tops that fit, because my shoulders are so damn big.
·         I can now skip rope like a normal person.
·         We finally have a trapbar at work.
·         Neghar liked my picture on Facebook!
·         I just have too many goals.
·         I have a nutrition coach.
·         I’ve got to work on my grip.
·         Check out my sleep app graph!
·         I’m doing dips to work toward a muscle-up.
·         I’m going to do 5000 pull-ups this year.
·         My elbows hurt from doing so many pull-ups.
·         I’m taking a rest day from pull-ups.
·         Dustin told me to switch to chin-ups.
·         Should my profile say “runner” or “athlete”?
·         It’s a deadlift party!
·         What, doesn’t everyone have a pull-up bar in their pantry?
·         I only did 6 pull-ups.
·         I forgot my shoes, so I just did the sprints barefoot.
·         Look, I deadlifted without bruising!
·         My forearms are now too big for this jacket.
·         I get a gold star for taking a rest day.
·         I’m all blinged out with Boston gear today.
·         Let’s go run the ski hills!
·         I’m lifting with the exact same weights as the men in my class.
·         I have a running date with Holea.
·         Actually, 5000 pull-ups could become my new normal each year.
·         I registered for Boston for the 3rd time. And immediately apologized to Dustin.
·         Absolutely everyone at NSS is amazing.
·         I need to get heavier dumbbells at home, I’ve only got 30s.
·         120# bench press PR! 225# deadlift PR! 165# back squat PR! 13 pull-up PR!
·         I’d rather be strong than anything else.
·         Dustin is no longer a want, but a need.

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