Wednesday, October 30

Nutrition: I had a mini-lightbulb today. I was thinking perhaps I should do an OHP workout today; which led to reminding myself that would hurt tomorrow's pulls & dips, not help them; but I could be doing OHP on the weekend; but the BEST way to help to eat appropriately. Le sigh. That's not nearly as fun!

Acne: I think I have to throw away my muffins. I believe they are causing the current acne breakout that is making me hate my face. But the ingredients "should" all be okay...but they are freaking gross anyway, unless I add honey or jelly to them, so what do I care?

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 845p-6a, 92% quality. Up at 2a when Hop came home, bathroom & water, fell back easily. Slept like a GD champ, the alarm actually buzzed me awake otherwise I would've dozed longer. Got up feeling awesome.

Healthy Movement: Lawd, my quads are fiercely sore from squats. DIEL? Ran sprints with Lisa at lunch, barefoot, because I am too dumb to remember to pack my shoes in the [6am] trip from one end of the house to the other. This, however, is unlikely to help my quads feel better. Probably just add soreness elsewhere. Very tired post-run, had to turn to my precioussssss, DP.

Fun & Play: Today I spent $63 on a macaroon order from the Macaroon King. I think this makes me the Macaroon Queen? Survived my final training presentation - wahooooo!! Sprints with Lisa, so we could chat during all the walking. Feeling tough & badass from the barefoot sprints. Straightening my hair for the costume was a total PITA, but I lurve being able to play with it. Curls canNOT be touched.

Stress Management: No sooner do I get finished with a giant project (training presentations) than the next batch of giant projects are thrown in my face. Want to hide under my desk for a few days. Weeks. Months. Til January?

Grateful: For Lisa. I probably would have sissed out of the run if not for a buddy to keep me accountable.

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