Wednesday, October 23

Nutrition: A spoonful of almond butter for breakfast is perfectly normal, right? As is a pint of coconut ice cream during afternoon break with your team? (worth it!) Unfortunately, many more spoons full of almond butter when I got home...and should've been going to bed.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 830p-5a, 77% quality. Mr Hanky again barked at [whatever] at 1130p like a giant jerkface. He quit after only 20 minutes or so tonight, though I sure wish he never would've started. He's scared of something, so I can't be TOO mad, but he can catch up on his sleep all day long, while I cannot.

Healthy Movement: Body feels good, can't even tell I logged a longer run yesterday! Right hammie is a bit tight, that's it. Did a half-dozen dips this morning during my class, from the bottom, not down & up. Easier than I thought they would be, though I struggled to stop myself from reflexively giving a little jump-start with my feet. Had a solid lunch run with Lisa; slowed the pace on her behalf, and my lungs were struggling with the non-stop concept as well, but the body felt pretty damned great. Even logged sprints with Holea: 1.53m, body felt great.

Fun & Play: Foolish fun at work. Surprise treat to Chief with a silly note. Feeling confident about the afternoon presentation. A run with Timmy. Team ice cream sundae treat to our team from we leads (and the way I spent my $15 chamber bucks!) which also means leftovers for my hubs. A great presentation to the leadership team. Evening LAPW dinner.

Personal Growth: More than willing to tell people I tried giving myself a black eye this morning, despite the explanation making me look like an idiot. I love that! VERY glad that I didn't have a black eye after all - though the sort-of anxiety kept me from getting at all anxious about the presentation.

Grateful: For my lead, again. During my presentation, she was smiling and nodding and just this beautiful beaming source of confidence. Huge.

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