Wednesday, October 2

Nutrition: When you sleep in, but have an early morning workout: you can train fasted, or you can has cookies for breakfast. Also, the cacao bliss coconut butter is now WAY too sweet for me. As was the cherry pork jerky I was super pumped to find. Stupid tastebuds, why can't these cookies taste like too much, too?

Acne: Blueberry Larabar today. Probably my favorite flavor, plus a cashew/acne test. Would looove to take these babies up to SHT next weekend. Great fuel!!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 55% quality. What?! It was poor (tossing & turning 1-230a, got up for bathroom & honey at some point) due to husband coming home very late and cats getting very active, but I would've called it like 70%.

Healthy Movement: I said I wasn't going to do my class anymore, didn't I? I lied. That starts next Wednesday. Bob is traveling & I can't let Travis go it alone! Lisa didn't feel stellar, so we ran easy downhills at lunch. It's what we need anyway. Also, my squat recovery sucks still. Will be interesting to see what happens when I stop doing class, eh? Wanna place your bets now?

Fun & Play: Great class. (NERD ALERT.) Fun morning working on 2014 budget. Fun afternoon working on United Way stuff. Dose of NSS work. I love spreadsheets, yo!

Personal Growth: A wonderful article on stress from the geniuses at Precision Nutrition

Said article also taught me the meaning of the phrase "the straw that broke the camel's back." Somehow, in all of my nearly-35 years, I've been picturing drinking straws piled atop a camel. Even though that makes zero sense, I've never questioned it. I'm a fucking moron, peeps.

Journaled on my Relator strength. In true Relator fashion, I found myself raving about my peeps and how much I love and adore them, and how delightful it is when I can make their day even in a tiny way. I love giving to my peeps, and I desperately hope it makes up for how needy I am.

Grateful: For yams, and the oven that warm my house while baking them. Because I am not yet ready to close the windows. No. No. Nooooo!

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