Wednesday, October 16

Nutrition: Strangely hungry much of today. Had to swallow my innate revulsion of requesting special treatment: called Arrowwood to request an allergen-free meal at today's luncheon. I was rewarded with a big delicious salad that actually looked a lot more appealing than the chicken & pasta.

Small victory in that I managed to get my food-prep-act together last night, so that tonight I came home to a slow cooker full of pork and apples and sweet onions and pure deliciousness.

Acne: I suspect that I need to finally, completely, sadly give up on cashews. I managed to avoid reacting over the weekend despite all the physical stress and excessive sugar...but that delicious cashew-containing lemon tart on Sunday night seems to have triggered some acne, despite that being my only serving of nuts for the day. I added a cashew cookie this morning, figuring that if the acne worsens tomorrow, I know for sure and have to concede defeat. But guess who had new cysts showing up before she even left work today! Total bummer. Why can't I be allergic to gross stuff??

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 87% quality. Slept quite solidly, though I was in & out of some weird dream around 4a onward. I didn't need to be up at 515a, but I guess it's nice to wake naturally at that time for the days that I do.

Healthy Movement: Lower back a bit stiff, right Achilles still a little tight, both hams a bit stiff, mid-back feeling the bench, but overall I am feeling good, better than my "new usual" squat recovery. I suspect that might have something to do with the light weights more than the not-class, though. Work lunch outing meant no run, but eve sprints with Holea felt good, though speed was not impressive.

Fun & Play: Wonderful speaker over my lunch hour made up for the lack of running in beautiful fall weather. Sprints with Ms Holea.

Personal Growth: Today's speaker talked about the importance of your words & their influence on others; the ginormously huge importance of the words in your very own head; your response to a situation perpetually overshadowing the circumstance itself; the need for grit.

Grit, to my delight, was not simply described as "buckle down & work hard," but rather the powerful intersection of passion & perseverance, where you will continue to go & go & go, despite setbacks or outright failures or people trying to stop you, because your passion cannot be reined in...such as me & my running & my you can imagine, I totally loved it.

It led me to thinking more about this month's journaling assignment, where among other things, I am to explore the teaching and fitness aspect more deeply. Pete said he could see a physical change as I talked about that, that my voice changed, I became animated, I clearly showed my passion for those topics. I was talking about the walk-to-run program, my class, and about helping people realize they are capable of so much more than they realize. I'm not interested in taking an athlete and making them amazing so much as I am wanting to take "ordinary" people to places they would never have fathomed. (Much like me; thank you, Dustin!) I also mentioned how much I'd like to teach young girls to run, something I still very much think about but can't visualize how to make it happen.

Grateful: For my bosses. It's Boss's Day, and it's a good time to think about the fact that I have NEVER had a crappy boss - couple "okay" ones, but mostly I've had downright AWESOME ones. I'm a lucky girl.

(And I am trying to not be sad about the team potluck day that included a "Happy Boss's Day" sign to the team's 4 leads, and that's it. But clearly not doing too well at it, if I'm mentioning it here. Or perhaps I'm fearing that zero acknowledgement on my first Boss's Day is an indication that I suck at being one.)

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