Tuesday, October 8

Nutrition: Two brownies at breakfast (forgot last night's allotment at supper, so naturally I made up for it ASAP); no vegetables all day because I stupidly forgot to bring any for lunch AND ate supper away from home due to KITC event. But don't worry, I did have cookies after benching. And one plus a brownie when I got home at 730p. I am turning into a Cookie Monster. I do not know why.

Acne: Several tiny cysts developing. Hm...pistachios, and possibly the salted caramel cashew cookies.

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 845p-545a, 89% quality. Legit sound sleep, though dozing in/out 330a onward. And the cats were adamant about waking me up 530a onward, the 4-legged jerks. Had a slow-moving, enjoyable morning, walked into work feeling pretty damned good.

Healthy Movement: Shins a bit tight. Upper body a bit tight. From...sprints? No matter. Pulls suffered a tad in my session, but bench kicked ass: 115x1+fail, then Dustin had me try again after a rest: 115x2! #2 really wasn't pretty, but damn, it sure was beautiful! Got me a high five, even.

Fun & Play: Productive morning, great session, cookies as reward, fire drill into a sunshiny afternoon, NSS Excel fun as a TS break in the afternoon. KITC time with Emma, preceded by a visit with Gracie & Carrie, and Bella too.

Personal Growth: Have not been journaling past couple of nights, because I have gotten home too late to have my proper 15 minutes. Fail. But I will certainly have some time this weekend with the car ride and quiet time. Yay!

Grateful: For lifting. Who knew I would turn out to be a meathead who loves to bench press?

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