Tuesday, October 22

Nutrition: No snacks today. On the other hand, supper was chocolate almond butter & jerky. Win some, lose some.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 69% quality. Mr Hanky barked at something (goblins!) from 1130p-1230a. I was up with him for a while, trying to calm him down, distract him, turn on the radio to mask whatever noise he was hearing, wasted effort.

Healthy Movement: Sitting all day at seminar. Busted out to a 5.8m trail run at Quarry Park in Waite Park. Loved it! Little doses of the SHT, though completely flat; very enjoyable. Body felt great, just a slow pace because I had to take pictures of ZOMG new trailz, and also experienced a few instances of being feeling totally lost when I encountered intersections of trails that were NOT on the map.

Fun & Play: Out of office. For a management accounting seminar, and a very good one. Leadership, presentation skills, could it BE any more relevant to my work life?

Grateful: For new trails.

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