Tuesday, October 15

Nutrition: Today I ate no cookies at breakfast! No cookies at work! No cookies at home! And at the Grain Bin, I looked at them...and walked away. Sugar Dragon is finally fading a little.

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 10p-545a, 76% quality. In late because holy crap, I saw my husband! Up at 115a for bathroom, water, and a spoonful of honey. Took ages to fall back. Somehow I felt good when I got up.

Healthy Movement: Other than tight calves/Achilles, the body is feeling damn good. Dustin even asked if I felt like running this weekend's 50k - no way do I want to put myself through that wringer, but it was nice to hear him think it's possible. He said to keep doing what I'm doing as far as training, just gradually add more road running so that when the trails snow in, the body is ready for it. I'm thinking on a normal weekend I could do the Saturday 6a ROUS outing (gotta get used to it!), hit trails at Woodland for a spell afterward, or else find trails on Sunday. A good balance. But there goes my overhead press time, probably. Boo, hiss, waah!

Session was enjoyable - all movement felt good, but my bench was reeDONKulously inconsistent; the 95x8 was everywhere except in the groove, yet somehow I think 105x5 is a freaking rep PR. Sweetness! Pulls are suffering from the excessive cookie intake leading to weight increase. Damn you, delicious cookies.

Fun & Play: Productive morning. Session. Delightful surprise love note from Holea. Chat with Joy. Productive afternoon with good news on several fronts. Husband at home. Chat with Amy about the weekend.

Temperance: Clothes are fitting tighter and I have to admit that I'm definitely gaining weight. Other than how this affects my pull-ups, I do not much care. That's a ginormous win. I know how to dress to minimize my belly's appearance and look good, which has a large impact on my daily self-image. However, I do not want to buy any new clothes, and I'm flirting with that edge, so I truly must dial it back. Pull-ups are good motivation. I mean, what kind of loser can only do 11? (Sarcasm, promise!)

In the T&S pictures shared from the weekend, the ones in which I'm wearing my Boston tank, my initial thought was: Ugh, I look fat. My second thought was: That's cuz the tank is weirdly loose & billowy. While I don't like the first thought, I am glad the second thought was not: That's cuz I am fat. I'm making progress, friends.

Grateful: For the upcoming weekend. I get to hang out with Amy in the woods, I get to help a phenomenal running supahstah have a good race, and I get to be inspired as shit. YES!

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