Tuesday, October 1

Nutrition: Quite solid until I went wild on banana chips at supper. Oh, well, they're gone.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 915p-545a, 84% quality. Pretty solid, woke naturally, felt rested.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good. Energy level good. Nice session, happy with pulls, a little upset with bench, but not so overly invested in it today.

Fun & Play: Busy & productive morning at TS. Session. Couple hours worked at NSS. Early night at home and some time to get things done, finally. Lexi outside loose all day and was on the back deck when I got home, hooray! Fetch with both pooches. Journal time with a calm Hanky boy.

Personal Growth: Amazing speaker. Journaling time, on my Maximizer strength, one that I struggle to identify in myself.

Grateful: For my coworkers. Doreen made honey-glazed pumpkin-spiced almonds & brought me a sample. NOMS.

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