Thursday, October 10

Nutrition: Today is a cookie-free day. Just to prove I can. It's much easiser to declare this when there are no open bags/boxes besides a likely (and sadly delicious) acne-causer.

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 915p-6a, 99% quality. 99%!! I did wake up a time or two, and was dozing 4a onward, but it was pretty damned solid. Delightful.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling solid other than the neck/shoulder tightness - but it's improving. Session was all deload other than pulls/dips. Dips sucked, but I logged 58 total pulls to send me over 4000 YTD. Boom!

Fun & Play: 8th anniversary at TS. Pull-up mania. New shoes from the UPS man.

Personal Growth: Apparently, as a lead, I get a gift of $15 chamber bucks on my anniversary, rather than a simple card. I immediately considered what I could buy for my team with it. That's me, and that instinctual generosity is something to be proud of, not annoyed by.

Temperance: I had a major victory on Tuesday. In my session, I never once thought about how I (specifically, my belly) looked. Sadly, that's waaaaay huge. Happily, that's waaaaay huge!

Grateful: For 8 years at TS. What a drastically different person I am since coming here! 8 years ago, I barely worked out. I had never touched a barbell, thought running a 5k was insane, and couldn't imagine myself capable of a pull-up. I was unmarried, though I had been with Hop for 4 years. We had just moved to West Union, from apartment life in Sauk. I was a super basic Excel user who did not know 1/10th of what I know now. I did not have any pets, though I desperately wanted them. I got blitzkrieged pretty much every weekend at Sidewalks. I hated my body. I was painfully shy. I wouldn't have imagined myself in leadership. I had recently relieved myself of long hair problems by getting a chop. I had no food allergies. I had no friends at TS yet, some of whom are now my besties? TS has been very, very good to me.

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