Sunday, October 6

Nutrition: I forgot to talk about yesterday's brownies: muy delicioso, obvs. And there's no way they'll make it to the Train & Stay, especially not if I keep eating them at breakfast. But never fear, I shall have cookies to fuel my trail adventure! Yesterday I stopped at Coborn's in Sauk on my way back from SJU and stocked up on All The Paleo Junk Food. I've got epic awesomeness to fuel, yo!

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 915p-615a, 91% quality. BOOM. To top that off, I got sleepy late morning & had me a two-hour nap, 11a-1p. KAPOW!

Healthy Movement: Shins a bit achey, but headed out for the AM run with ROUSers. Small group of 4 logged the 2.62m tribute run, and I followed it up with another 2.62m of downhills over on Victoria. Each time I resumed running, the shins hollered, but then they'd loosen up. Everything else felt great!

Somehow I just logged 13m in two days while feeling utterly fantastic...should I be thanking all those cookies? Right now I'm feeling so strong that I would like to Do All The Things this week, but I shall have to resist that stupidity so I can keep this feeling going into next weekend's adventure. And I'd better keep eating those cookies, right? (Don't argue. Let me have this for now.)

Mid-morning onward, lower right back felt tight. Didn't stop me from logging 6x6 chin-ups (3900 for the year!!), nor anything else I was doing, but it was a bit of a nag. I have a feeling it's mainly due to watching last night's movie squeezed over to let Hanky cozy in next to me.

But come could I resist such a handsome, snuggly pooch?
Fun & Play: Fun runs in AM. Nap time. Tons of time to get a few extra chores done, such as planting flowers & trees, or packing up my hammock (okay, that part was sad-making). Peaceful, quiet house.

Personal Growth: Last week I posted on FB asking about my gifts. I went back to it today and copied it down: they listed 40 qualities that I truly aspire to model daily.

And need to forgive myself for, when I fail regularly.

I wonder why I think it's possible to be that amazing all day, every day. Isn't the very desire to be a good person enough evidence that I'm doing the best I can, where I am, with what I have? Why can't I accept that the effort is enough? I accept that in everyone else. Where did I get this idea that perfection is achievable for me?

Grateful: For a productive weekend before two getaway weekends. Deeply appreciating the return to my normal life after the difficult, painful season of Dan's passing.

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