Sunday, October 27

Nutrition: This morning I re-read my Whole30 Summary post and used that for my shopping list. Time to get off the cookie-based eating I've been deep into. Victory: didn't even consider buying nut butter today. I did make some muffins today, but they're pretty blah, so shouldn't be hard to keep to a minimum intake. After today, at least. Fresh-baked, whatta ya gonna do? Food prep accomplished: 6 salads; pound of breakfast sausage (should cover me for the week); 4 chicken & stiry-fry meals; dozen GF fig muffins.

Sleep: 10.5 (!) hours in bed, 915p-745a, 91% quality. Woke several times thinking Hop had come home; got up at 3a to a whining Lexi to let her outside. Hit bathroom while I was up, but don't think I would've woke on my own. Dozing 6a onward. Got up feeling like a champ!

Healthy Movement: Body feels significantly better than yesterday. Side benefit to eating All The Cookies! (Kept me from feeling guilty, too.) Met Lisa to run trails at LCSP for an hour. Easy, lotsa walking breaks, but I felt like I could have pushed through an hour-long run without much more effort. Even considered adding a couple miles after Lisa left. Luckily, Chiefly wisdom stopped me: it's okay to finish feeling like you have plenty left in the tank. Which I did. Which should mean I feel fantastic tomorrow, which will benefit me far more than feeling like junk for the new week.

On that note, lookit the high-mileage week I just had!

Even better than the impressive miles: I feel pretty GD great. After the Train & Stay weekend (29m), I felt pretty GD trashed. Right now, I feel just as good as I did last week on 8 miles. Hooray, calories! My Boston plan is to work toward 25-30 miles per week already now, using a long run on Saturday plus a medium run on Sunday. Starting in January, I'll begin to shift the Sunday miles over to Saturday; hopefully this makes the long runs a lot more doable, a lot less injury-able.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in! Great run & convo with Lisa, in the sunshine. Fetch with pooches. Feeling productive. Journaling time in the sunshine. More TV & laziness time this afternoon.

Personal Growth: With all of Dustin's talk about the StrengthsFinder assessment at NSS, I looked back at my results. I took it back in early 2008, and I feel like I am a LOT different than I was 5.5 years ago, so I spent $10 to retake it today. Very similar results, except Harmony dropped down & Achiever went up to first. Maximizer fell off, replaced by Learner. The descriptions changed just a little bit; it all felt more accurate this time.

Temperance: Today I culled a bunch of email lists & FB groups & even a great podcast. Because even if they are fantastic (Rachel Cosgrove, Robb Wolf, etc), and centered on healthy food relationships, etc...they just aren't helping to stop the obsessing. I've come a long way this year, but I still have far to go. I'll keep the ones strictly about lifting (EliteFTS), but I'm ditching the rest. Even motivational ones like John O'Leary have been cut, because they contribute to me feeling like I'm not getting my shit done. I enjoy those things a LOT, but with the mentoring, I think I've got the introspection well-covered.

Grateful: For no running injuries.

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