Sunday, October 20

Nutrition: Meh. Decent breakfast, lunch, overly indulgent snacks, supper. Also trying to catch up on poor water intake over the weekend, but a person can't fix that in four hours.

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1245-8a, 82% quality. Much better than last night. Got up feeling decent.

Healthy Movement: Lotta sitting in car again; got restless but also nappy. Bounced from wanting to run, to not, and back; finally told myself that I had no good excuse, not compared to yesterday's tough-ass 100k-ers. So I went out for a short, hard 3.2-mile run that felt disappointingly tough (I ran a marathon at this pace? HOW??). 
Post-run, my right Achilles felt tight as hell so I headed to the basement foam roller. Quads were quivering going downstairs. (After 3.2m? What?) And while foam rolling, I suddenly felt awful, pukey; it took a while for that to go away. It kind of returned after supper. Thinking it was the poor nutrition & low sleep & high adrenaline all weekend. Can just imagine what kind of after-effects the 100k-ers are suffering today if I feel this janky.

Fun & Play: Breakfast with Amy before sending her off. AC/DC-filled car ride home. Good lunch with Brian at a little hole-in-the-wall that had a great burger & fries for him, and a damn good salad bar for me - win-win, & bonus win when I realized it was his first hot meal since Friday night! Bouncy happy lovey doggies thrilled to see me. A few miles to shore up the de-load week's pathetic-ness. A soft kitty, warm kitty in my lap.
Grateful: For my home. Always so happy to return, even if the "away" was fantastic.

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