Saturday, October 5

Nutrition: Cookies. Brownies. Sugar overload. 

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 915p-6a, 86% quality. Woke around 3a tossing & turning, but didn't get up; blaming that on late supper (due to late work at NSS). Got up feeling well-rested, though.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling quite good; still a slight ache in left foot, but improving. Had a fantastic run at SJU w/ Greg: 7.61 miles that felt like they could have easily turned into 10+. A downright blissful outing! Felt so good that I put an easy evening loop at LCSP onto my plan. But after spending an hour fighting with the laptop, I lost that mojo. Oh well, save it for the morrow.  

Fun & Play: Runnin' 'round the woods. Chatting with the hubs. A house that smelled like brownies. Eating said brownies! Hot tub time with the hubs - really appreciating the rain that delays pumping season, though we sure could use the round of giant paychecks that it brings. 

Grateful: That I was able to think this totally douchey thought this morning:
Damn, my arms are too big for my Boston Marathon fleece. 
Everything about that sentence should make others want to punch me. I hope it doesn't, but it would be hard to blame them. I would sure hate hearing it from someone else; I'd be a seething green-eyed monstah!

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