Saturday, October 26

Nutrition: For the 6a long run, I consumed only a cup of coffee, 2 slices toast w/ balsamic jam, and two macaroons. (Normally I would have a full eggs & meat meal, but this was too early.) I had intended to eat a macaroon every half hour of the run itself, but I forgot about them. I don't NEED the fuel yet, so no big deal, but I DO need to figure out what I can put into my belly on a true long run, and it's easier to start now so there's time for mistakes.

After that I ate like a champ. Breakfast at Coffee Pot Cafe, homemade pizza for lunch and supper, plus all the cookies. 

This is one serving, yo.
Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 52% quality. Woke at 1245a when Hop came home (bathroom, water, cookie - too big of supper last night); and woke regularly 3a onward. But I felt pretty rested, would have put it at 80% other than shortness. Got properly sleepy just after noon, but wanted to watch some TV shows, so I did that rather than nap. Pretty brainless, so close enough. Also this way I could do some TS work. Blargh to leadership's to-do lists!

Healthy Movement: Glutes & hams still ache from deadlifts, strangely. Run went pretty great anyway, other than developing blisters. Managed 8.92 miles with zero walking, and not too much desire to do so. Thank you, running group! I did have some ache in left big toe joint, nothing else concerning besides blisters. Chins in sporadic sets today: 5x4. This pushes me up to 100 for the week.

Fun & Play: Running with others and swapping some great stories. Breakfast with the group of 4 fellow runners/addicts. A quiet, peaceful house for chores. Finally able to pay bills and see some cash-flow relief, with a big pumping-season check. (Now let's get a couple more of those, please, especially since we won't have tax season funds coming in, yikes.) Sunshine. Fetch with pooches. TV-show catch-up. Finally got the laptop internet working, after months of struggling. Felt like a genius!

Grateful: For the ROUS group.

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