Saturday, October 19

Nutrition: Lotta caffeine, lotta shortcuts. Jerky, cookies, apples, pork rinds, though a legit salad for supper, which had like three cashews; took my chances. 

Sleep: 6 hours in bed, 1015p-415a, 67% quality. Not just due to low hours; woke constantly. Ugh. Got up excited for the day though!

Healthy Movement: Right Achilles still tight. Not much moving today. Lot of sitting, tried to stand when I could but it was chilly most of the day, so the warm car was quite nice.

Fun & Play: Tons. Crewing was a fucking BLAST. So inspiring. Epic badassery abounded!

Grateful: That I could help three of my favorite runners today while hanging out with one of my favorite peeps. 

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