Saturday, October 12

Nutrition: I finished two containers of cookies today and started a third. I also ran 16.3 miles, so I earned 'em, mofos!

Sleep: 7.5 hour in bed, 930p-5a, 83%. Worse; I woke constantly in an uncomfortable bed with ear plugs that hurt. More like 60%. 

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great this morning. First run was brutally long. Aching everywhere. Glutes died at mile 7, calves at mile 10. Too bad we did 12.3!!

Second run was okay to start, nice easy trails, but got tough after two miles. Luckily (happily) only 4 total.

Fun & Play: Every second. Except for the stolen iPad/iPod. That was not only expensive, but a ginormous PITA that took the place of nap time. Ugh. Fuckfaces!

Grateful: That the iPad isn't too vital. I can probably live without it. Sadly. 

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