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7 Ways to Have an Amazing Day

What if at the end of the day there was the possibility of a pop quiz? What if someone came in and said, “Get a pencil and paper out and write down your greatest accomplishments from the day. The strength of your answers will determine your ultimate success and happiness in the future.”
Would we be eager and ready to write down how we took advantage of every moment and focused on becoming better, or would we feel that terrified because we knew we had procrastinated and wasted our time? What grade would we get? Would we start doing a lot more every day?
#5 – Avoid the “Success Killers”
Just as there are a lot of things you can do to feel more accomplished, there are some things that can sabotage your efforts. I call them “Success Killers”. Some common Success Killers include: television, social media, online gaming, solitaire, gossip magazines, etc. It could be anything really. At the end of the day today, look back at everything you did and see if there were a couple of activities that did nothing to make you happier or more successful. You may want to look at spending less time with them or avoiding them all together.
Life doesn’t throw us too many pop quizzes along the way. In fact, most people experience something like a “pop midterm”. Those are the moments in life where you wake up and realize that you have wasted the last 5-10 years on cruise control. Some people lose a job and realize they haven’t taken the time to develop any skills that would help them find another one. Sometimes we are in need of help and realize we just haven’t spent the time developing real friendships the way we should have 

All good tips, but damn, I freaking love that #5. Sometimes those time wasters WILL make you happy, but you need to take the time to consider it. Because you will realize that many of them will not.

One of the best decisions I ever made was to quit watching TV shows that weren't comedy. I found myself crying at some Grey's Anatomy episode and realized I was crying over FAKE stories about FAKE people. And that my body doesn't know the difference between fake tears and real tears, so the stress hormones erupt either way. And that I was wasting a shitload of time and energy keeping up with the lives of people who do not exist, meanwhile feeling like I didn't have time for my actual friends & family. That's dumb.

Or, I'd get together with my two Sauk besties, and we'd spend most of our time talking about Grey's, but I'd have no idea what the hell was happening in THEIR lives. That's just plain stupid. It's one thing to bond over shared experiences, but friendship is about more than TV shows.

I realized that if I DID have time to kill in front of a TV, I'd ultimately be much happier if I were watching comedy (generating happiness hormones), or instead filling that time with a good book. Even if it's a book producing fake tears for fake people, I will feel tons better than if it were TV, because a book engages my brain, and all of my senses - smell an old book and tell me it isn't special! Plus I could take a book outside in the sunshine, into my hammock, near my handsome Hanky boy.

Carolla says something similar, in "Does it make you happy, or does it make you money?" Because if it's neither, then what the hell are you doing wasting your single most precious resource on that activity?

Anyway, there's more tips than that one, so go read them. Here's the link to the full post:

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