Monday, October 7

Nutrition: I've got the brownies figured out: if I moderate at 2/day for the week, I'll run out just before my weekend getaway, to which I can bring tons of cookies. That means one at breakfast, one at supper. I can do that. Right? Sure thing, long as we have no cookie limits!

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 9p-415a, 56% quality. Initially solid as a rock, but then woke regularly: 1a, 330a, 4a...and wasn't deep asleep between any of those;, no idea why, but that's a crappy way to start a Monday! The silver lining was a lazy long breakfast and knowing I wasn't going to do my class so it shouldn't be too painful.

Healthy Movement: Aching shins. Jacks in class hurt initially, but felt fine once warmed up. I joined in on some easy presses & pulls during class, but I managed to limit myself to that.

Heavy debate on whether or not to run over lunch, or only do evening sprints with Holea. I know the sore shins aren't a huge deal...but I also know I want to feel awesome by Friday...but it's a bee-YOU-tiful fall day (sun shining, leaves barely twitching, flat-out amazing)...finally I remembered Dustin's frustratingly logical line: "Running because it's nice out makes as much sense as doing push-ups because the sun is shining." Translation: if you should run, then run; if you shouldn't run, then don't. I shouldn't. So I didn't. Gold star, but: GAH.

I did evening sprints with Holea, and they felt pretty much fantastic, as did chatting with her. I love that chica.

Fun & Play: Great class. Spent my lunch hour using Excel to make a complicated fill-in form that simplifies life for the NSS trainers. It almost kicked my ass working on it in the eve, but I had a moment of pure elation just before sprints when I thought I had it conquered, and was showing off this thing of beauty to Holea. However, it knocked me back down post-sprints when I thought I was just finishing it up but instead realized I had a whole 'nother layer of complication to deal with. Ups and downs. But if spreadsheets are going to kick my butt, it still belongs in the "fun & play" category - you know I love that shit!

Personal Growth: I volunteered myself for a ginormous responsibility at work. After hemming and hawing. I may or may not have it delegated to me, but if so, I'm excited to step up to it and delegate off my plate the things that someone else can do.

Grateful: For the ability (time & finances) to tell Holea I can go to her powerlifting meet. I truly wanna see a "big" one, I wanna see her kick ass, and since she said that none of her peeps are going, I'm extra super pumped that I can go be her cheerleader!

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