Monday, October 28

Nutrition: Other than the muffin at breakfast (& supper), doing much better. Thanks, Monday! Even had me some Brussels sprouts with my eggs & sausage, and they were delish.

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 79% quality. Felt better than that - really solid, though I did wake at 3a & doze from there onward. Woke early enough for breakfast, though.

Healthy Movement: Body is feeling great, zero issues. Wow! During class this morning, logged 5 dips from dead-stop (fairly easily!), and 10 empty-bar OH presses, just to move a little. Logged a 3.75m run/walk at noon - right shin angry at the slope + Vibrams. Pain was tolerable, but I could feel I was doing some funky biomechanics at the knee to compensate & avoid pain, so walking seemed smarter. Brain doing okay with it.

Fun & Play: Teaching class. Productive morning. Good meeting with direct report. Sunshine. Another solid presentation in the books, just two to go! Some lazy time in the eve with all the critters. Chat with mom about the weekend and Thanksgiving...I'll be hosting both families. (Halp!) A husband who came home at freaking 7p, and had a normal night at home and a full night of sleep. Wahoo!

Temperance: More email-list culling at work email. Again, it's good stuff, but it makes me feel like I'm falling behind, and I don't need any more pressure than I already have. So if you happen to read something really extra special, please share it with me!

Grateful: For dips. They make me feel supah strong!

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