Monday, October 14

Nutrition: Scrounging for food after a weekend of zero food prep. Ugh.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 830p-5a, 78% quality. Felt more like 65%. Turned in nice & early but took ages to fall asleep, and woke constantly to dog, cats, where-is-my-husband. He came home at 5a, but I "heard" him come home at 3a, and when I woke again at 4a I wondered where he was. Sheesh. And then I had a text from him at 9a...I absolutely can't even fathom getting by on that little sleep.

Healthy Movement: Managed to only do warm-up & finisher in my class. Gold star! I had fully intended to run at noon regardless of aches and pains, after having it clearly reinforced this weekend I can run through that. However, after considering the choices to (a) log a rest day and actually recover, or (b) potentially keep aching, I decided to rest & recover so that I can feel awesome again soon.

Fun & Play: Class was fun, the boys did some impressive benching after not doing it for many months. Productive morning. Good afternoon meetings full of personal growth.

Personal Growth: Mentorship meeting, first one since the initial one. Had my assignments "mostly" done - did not nail the everyday journaling, but pretty close. Need to develop a new routine, though, without being able to take my iPad to the basement. Paper and pen?!

Met with my lead to discuss the giant project I am undertaking and will be neck-deep in for the next three weeks. Walked out feeling like I had a very good foundation to work with.

Grateful: For my lead's close control of things. This is not a project I wanted to be tossed into without any direction.

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