Friday, October 4

Nutrition: Someone's gotta take these cookies away from me. Or maybe I can just keep eating my way through them, since I'm almost done. I finished the box of snickerdoodles at breakfast. Not worth rebuying, they just taste like sugar. But the chocolate chip, hells yeah. And the gingerbread are a little TOO ginger-y, so there's a built-in restrictor plate; I've only had two. Although now they are all I have left, so...we'll be testing that theory this weekend, I suspect.

Acne: Bad, though not awful. I think too much junk is being taken in, such as cashews, Diet Pepsi, fake cheese, AND sugar-filled cookies. Time to grow up.

Instead of such junk, I'm going to make homemade brownies this rainy fall weekend. Ingredients are much better for the acne, but see my complaints about being unable to stop eating cookies...pretty sure that snackiness is going to transfer directly to these brownies, unless I can buckle down & save them for the Train & Stay next weekend.

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 915p-630a, 90% quality. Woke a few times but was having vivid dreams that I was keen to get back to, and easily did. Now THAT is what I'm talking about! Bonus, I had a slow-moving morning (not sure why) and didn't get to work until 815a, like a slacker. A happy slacker.

Healthy Movement: Upper body is pretty sore today; what up, dips? Unmotivated to run, so Holea and I just walked & talked. Refreshing! Did 4 chins in eve, playing around with SA progression concepts...a girl's gotta have goals, you know.

Fun & Play: Good, productive morning at work, including a dose of TS budgeting, the NSS template, and an all-important discussion of both Grumpy Cat and the happiest animal in the world:

Don't we all need one of these to brighten our days?
I'll take two, please!!

Plenty of work at NSS all afternoon into the evening, but it included a dose of the handsome (& boisterous) Sir Barkley, which made me happy. Silly dogs at my own house. Critterz rule!

Personal Growth: Lovely comments from my friends that left me warm & fuzzy.

Grateful: For brisk fall weather. 

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