Friday, October 25

Nutrition: Decent. Until I finished the almond butter. Gah.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 69% quality. Felt more like 90%, no barking dog, husband home (crawled in at 10p not 3a!), woke naturally. All good.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling creaky, glutes feeling sore (yay, deadlifts!), upper body tight (yay, dips!). Working on excuses to NOT run, looked at my running plan, scratched the excuses. Asked Timmy if she wanted to run trails on Sunday, she said yes, so I decided a rest day was smart after all. Saves me for tomorrow's long run, on roads, which will be a challenge even at an easy pace. Logged 6 sets of 4 pull-ups, tactical style, and started developing new calluses. Only 20 more to go for the weekend.

Uncovered a goal list that has me aiming to hit 15 pull-ups by 12/31/13. Have now put that front & center on my computer. And at home in the pantry (convenientely located near both food & pull-up bar).

And my phone.
Whatever it takes to keep it front & center!
Fun & Play: Friday, bitches! Been a fun but long week of work, more than ready to get out the door. Great convo with a direct report. Cleaned out my email inbox quite a bit, which was annoying the shit out of me, so that's actually a hugely fun relief. Great afternoon at NSS.

Grateful: For DVRs that save my good shows so I can binge-watch.

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