Friday, October 18

Nutrition: Had me a low carb day just to remind myself I could. Easy peasy, thanks to jerky and a Cobb salad that could go head to head against Doolittle's.

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, 87% quality. More like 97%; this night got a happy face rating!

Healthy movement: Didn't feel jazzed to run due to cranky mood due to cranky hubs, plus right Achilles still tight, but I went to the hill with Holea and found a sweet way to log downhills without feeling lazy. Knocked out 6 rounds, feeling strong.

Rest of day sitting, stuck in a car mostly. 

Fun & Play: Morning at NSS. Hills with Holea. Road trip to Duluth. Amazingly tasty supper at a restaurant right next to our cheap motel. Seeing Amy. Plotting out tomorrow with Brian. 

Grateful: That I'm not running tomorrow. Instead, I can help a phenom runner log a phenom race. And get practice crewing him for when he does something truly outrageous like Western States! And this way it's all fun, no stress. (Until tomorrow when I'm jonesing to join them all!)

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