Wednesday, September 4

Nutrition: Up and down. Hit both the Grain Bin & Coborn's tonight, so I have a nice stash of treats - and managed to walk past the nut butter in both places. Gold star!

Acne: Bad again. Adding no nothing today.

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 10p-6a, 72% quality. Got to bed late due to late night at hospital talking to hospice nurse & social worker. Poor supper effort led to poor sleep quality, as did a very restless husband.

Healthy Movement: Very sore legs today, poor recovery from yesterday's squats again. If you've ever wondered whether stress inhibits recovery, you can stop asking! I'm still guzzling water and I've actually gotten better at PWO carbs, but still getting soreness. Took it easy on myself by making my nooner into a run/walk with Lisa.

Fun & Play: Fetch with Lexi and Hank at 7am. Loving the beautiful fall mornings. Noon with Lisa. More fetching in the eve.

Stress: Hank is digging holes nonstop; he's jealous of Lexi plus getting bored since we're gone so much.

Selfishly realized today that we probably won't be going to Cedar Lake this year, our annual camping/racing vacation. I've been going for 10 straight years, and Hop's around 15+. It's next weekend, and unless Dan is doing better than we currently expect, we simply can't go. And I was planning to hook up with Amy for a hiking outing that Saturday. Perhaps if things are still okay I can at least do that. And all of that thinking makes me feel like a jerk.

Grateful: For the coworker (from a completely different team) who tried to share homemade peppermint patties with me this morning. They had cream, so I couldn't have one, but it was so damn sweet of her to offer them to me!

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